How to Make Homemade Fishing Lures

There are many creative ways to make fishing lures. This blog post will focus on the three most common ways to make them and what you need to succeed. This can be a great family project, especially if your kids are getting into fishing as a hobby.


Wooden Fishing Lures

Here is your step-by-step guide.

First, obtain a nice piece of softwood (i.e., balsa or pine). The wood needs to be larger than 7″ long and 6″ wide.

Second, measure your wood to be 5″ long by 4″ wide—Mark where you will cut the wood with a pencil.

Third, find some lure images from the internet and mark your design on the wood into the shape you want.

Fourth, using a sharp knife, follow the pencil markings. It doesn’t have to be perfect but follow the lines as closely as you can.

Fifth, purchase three different types of sandpaper to smooth out your carving. Grit sandpaper is under #100, the medium is between #120-150, and the fine is around #220. Please start with the grit and work your way down until the lure is how you want it.

Sixth, mark with the pencil where the eyelet screws, ballast weight, and rattle will go. Use a micro drill to put the holes into it.

Seventh now is the time to add your creative touches. Start by using a colorless sealer on the wood. Then, paint the wood with colors like green, red, blue, gold, or yellow. Lastly, add a clear waterproof coat to keep your color or colors vibrant.

In the eighth and final step, drill two eyelets, one for attaching your lure to the fishing rod and the other for attaching the hooks to the lure. The eyelets should be 2-3 cm apart. Use stainless steel for the eyelets to prevent rusting. Once the eyelets are in, attach your hooks. Now you are ready to go fishing!


Spoon Fishing Lures

fishing lures


First, use a hacksaw to cut off the spoon bowl.

Second, use a metal file to smooth off the edges of the bowl.

Third, drill one hole on each end of the long side of the spoon.

Fourth, use needle-nose pliers to attach split rings to these holes.

Fifth, use the same pliers to attach a hook to the larger side of the spoon and a swivel to the smaller side.


Cork Fishing Lures

fishing lures

First, take a piece of cork from a bottle of wine—screw eyes into the horizontal ends of the cork and one screw on its underbelly.

Second, use needle-nose pliers to attach hooks to the underbelly eye screw and one end screw.

Third, attach a swivel to the other eye screw.


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