LC1029-3 Stainless Steel Handle Lock W/ Handle Back & 3/8 inch Offset Cam


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The LC 1029 Stainless Steel Handle Lock is a dual function lock latch that keys to open and latch throughout the day. Turn key 180° and lock when necessary. The handles are designed for doors and hatches that require a grip handle for additional leverage. The front handle is low profile yet easy to grip and operate. A handle on the back side allows the lock to be opened from the inside as well.

  • Designed for the marine industry with #316 stainless steel handles, and stainless steel bearings.
  • Shuttered keyway to prevent water penetration.
  • Double bitted reversible key operates in either direction.
  • To install, drill 3/4″ hole, drop lock in and fasten body nut.

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