LC1029-4 Stainless Steel Handle Lock W/Loop Back & 3/8 inch Offset Cam


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The LC 1029 Stainless Steel Loop Back Lock is a dual function lock latch that keys to open and latch throughout the day. Turn key 180° and lock when necessary. The handle was designed for doors and hatches that require a grip handle for additional leverage. The front handle is low profile yet easy to grip and operate. The loop on the back allows the lock to be opened from the inside without the loss of space from a full handle.

  • Designed for the marine industry with #316 stainless steel handles, and stainless steel bearings.
  • Shuttered keyway to prevent water penetration.
  • Double bitted reversible key operates in either direction.
  • To install, drill 3/4″ hole, drop lock in and fasten body nut.

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