16 New Year’s Resolutions Every Angler Should Consider

With the new year just around the corner, here are several great goals, especially if you felt you didn’t get enough fishing time over the last few seasons or weren’t as organized as you’d like to have been.


16 Very Doable New Year’s Resolutions

  • Visit at least one new fishing destination
  • Sign up for a bass fishing tournament
  • Try pier fishing
  • Teach your kids to fish
  • Purchase a new or used bass boat
  • Clean out your boat shed or garage.
    Sell, give away, or trash all unused or outdated items.
  • Clean out and organize your tackle box.
  • Clean and lubricate your reels twice this year.
  • Spend time this winter to complete all necessary updates for your vessel.
  • Treat yourself – purchase and install The Key Captain
  • Fix the bunks and install new leaf springs on your boat trailer.
    Check the tires for inflation and wear.
  • Make sure you have USCG life vests, a VFH radio, and a waterproof and floatable package for your smartphone.
  • Sign up for a boating safety course.
    The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary offers a menu of courses for boaters of all levels. Everything from basic boating safety to navigating with GPS to classes focused on tying knots or using the VHF radio. Some types are just an hour or two long, while others go in-depth with eight to 13 sessions.
  • Do more boating.
    Mark a day on every month of the 2022 calendar right now. That’s a boating day, down in ink. But, it’s the best resolution you’ll ever be happy that you kept.
  • Try a new fish recipe.
  • Support a conservation cause.
    No matter your passion, there’s a conservation organization designed to support it. So strongly consider joining or donating to make an impact that may outlast your lifetime.


Happy New Year from Sarasota Quality Products

With the press of a button, our time-saving remote control system can lock and unlock compartment latches, turn on and off deck and cabin lights, and trim up and down your boat engine while trailering. Call us today at 440-899-9820 to learn more about The Key Captain and our catalog of products.

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