How Each Bass Fish Pro Angler Is Ramping Up for Tournament Season

For the last three months, all Major League Fishing (MLF) tournaments shut down due to the coronavirus. That has left all pro anglers’ home during an ordinarily busy season.

The good news is the tournament season is starting back up on June 10, 2020.

Here is a snapshot of how four pros have been spending their time.


Pro Angler Kevin VanDam


Kevin has spent much of the last two months fishing with his family and focusing on ways to reduce hunger, especially with school-aged children.

“I’m an outdoors person by nature, and that’s the one safe place you can actually spend time. I’m never [usually] home this time of year. I’ve fished with my boys quite a bit. Nationally, fishing license sales are at an all-time high,” VanDam, a Michigan native, shared with WOOD-TV.

Kevin, fellow angler Boyd Duckett, and NASCAR driver Martin Truex, Jr. helped raise $30,000 to support the ALL IN Challenge to provide food for those in need.

To learn more about how Kevin has been using his time off, click this video:


Pro Angler Greg Hackney


With all the rain we’ve had over the last two months, Greg has been working on catching bass in muddy waters.

“Whether you’re fishing in dirty or clear water, a largemouth is a sight-oriented feeder. He’ll only be as deep as the light is penetrating…within 10 inches of the surface,” Hackney told the Louisiana Sportsman.

He reminds all sportsmen to be persistent when the waters are cloudy. He often uses a spinnerbait or a half-ounce jig during these times.

He has spent much time on the Mississippi River, tagging many of his social media entries #quarantine.


Pro Angler Edwin Evers


“I’d never trade this time that I’ve had at home. The month of April, we’re never home. I’ll always remember this. It’s a bad, bad thing that’s going on [COVID-19], but man, I sure have enjoyed my time here at the house and with my family,” Evers shared with Tulsa station News on 6.

He’s noticed many people fishing to fill up their free time.


Pro Angler Alton Jones, Jr.


“It’s about never stop practicing. In every event, I’ve noticed it more that you have had to develop something [new] every day,” Jones shared with

During this time, he’s studied the fishing techniques of Jacob Wheeler and Edwin Evers via their YouTube channels and the Outdoor channel.

“I notice in all my best finishes…they came up with on-the-fly adjustments. I have to speed up my game. Personally, the break has not been super difficult. It’s been nice to spend time at home. Usually, at this time of year, we hardly know where home is,” Jones continued.


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