How High Lake Water Levels Affect Bass Fishing

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The waters of the Great Lakes, and many other waterways, are at an all-time high. Forecasters state they may continue to rise, due to storms, large amounts of precipitation, and the fact that few lakes froze over this year.

For the Great Lakes Region, Lake Erie will receive the most significant water increase. It’s an overflow basin from Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, and Lake Huron. The Great Lakes themselves represent 84 percent of North America’s surface freshwater, which ultimately impacts the water levels of all-natural, inland lakes in North America.

In what ways will this affect the upcoming fishing season? It turns out bass are particularly sensitive to water level changes. They tend to disperse and congregate in grassy, shallower areas when the waters rise. As water levels continue to increase, they move closer to the water’s edge, making it more challenging for anglers to catch them.

Challenging, but not impossible, as long as you keep in mind the following tips when you go out on your excursions!


Five High Lake Water Tactics You Can Use


As the saying goes, it’s best to make lemonade out of lemons. You can still fish, but the approach may be radically different from past tactics. Bass fishing experts agree on the following:


  1. Read your local fishing report or contact a local fishing expert to garner the best advice before you head out on your trip.
  2. Consider fishing from or near the banks.
    Rising water also increases the water’s current, which pushes bass straight to the bank. Since bass is not tall fish, they will migrate to the shallowest cover available.
  3. Find an eddy.
    Bass aren’t built to fight a current all day long, which will get stronger as river waters rise. Eddies usually have no or little current, yet they are close enough to the river’s aqua system to capture any baitfish that washes toward them.
  4. Stay clear of muddy water.
    With high waters, storms, and precipitation, most lake water will remain murky for a period. Under these conditions, bass will migrate to clearer waters, even if it’s in the deepest part of the lake.
  5. Use spinnerbaits.
    Colorful vibrating jigs, bulky plastics, and loud rattling cranks always work best in high waters, where bass can more clearly see them.


Sarasota Quality Products Wishes All Fishermen the Best this Season

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