Tackling Fishing Gear Organization: Smart Tips for Small Spaces

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Fishing is a pastime that marries patience with the thrill of the catch, offering a unique blend of tranquility and excitement. However, for many enthusiasts, the challenge isn’t just about landing the biggest fish but …

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Upcoming 2024 Boat Shows: A Must-Visit for Every Fisherman and Fisherwoman

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Are you an avid angler or someone who loves the water? The year 2024 is packed with boat shows that you won’t want to miss. Here’s a list of some of the boat shows happening in 2024:

1. Chicago Boat Show: McCormick Place – South, Chicago, Illinois (January 10-14).

2. Atlanta Boat Show: Georgia World Congress Center, Hall C, Atlanta, Georgia (January 11-14)

3. Detroit Boat Show: Huntington Place, Detroit, Michigan (January 20-22 and 25-28)

4. Cleveland Boat Show: I-X Center, Cleveland, Ohio (January 18-21)

Shows in Minneapolis, St. Petersburg, Hartford, Louisville, New York, Houston, Schaumburg, Baltimore, and St. Louis.

Why Fishermen Should Attend

Educational Opportunities

Boat shows are a treasure trove of knowledge, especially for new boaters. They provide a unique opportunity to learn about boating, with many non-profit and volunteer groups offering education on boating basics. You can expect practical, hands-on knowledge and demonstrations of processes like docking and navigation.

Comparison Shopping

If you’re in the market for a new boat, boat shows are ideal for comparison shopping. You get to see a variety of boats in person, feel the quality, and assess features crucial for your fishing needs. Plus, you might snag a great deal with competition among manufacturers and dealers.

Family Involvement

Boat shows are family-friendly events, perfect for introducing your loved ones to boating. With kid-friendly exhibits, contests, and learning demonstrations, it’s a fun way for the entire family to embrace the boating lifestyle together.

 Networking and Lifestyle

Boat shows aren’t just for the novices; even seasoned boaters find value in these events. They provide a platform to network with fellow boaters, discover new gear, and engage with individuals sharing similar interests. It’s a chance to immerse yourself in the boating community and explore the lifestyle further.


Whether you’re a seasoned fisherman or just starting, the 2024 boat shows offer something for everyone. These shows are a must-visit, from educational opportunities and comparing the latest boats to enjoying a family day out and networking with other boating enthusiasts. So, mark your calendars and prepare to set sail on a new adventure at these exciting boat shows!

The Key Captain, Key Captain Electronic Locking System for boats and recreational vehicles

When you buy your boat, remember to outfit it with The Key Captain, our patented remote locking and unlocking system.

We Offer Non-Locking, Easy Access Latches

SL1000 S.S. dual function Lock Latch, with Plastic Handle

Regarding latches, there are many different options on the market. But if you’re looking for a non-locking latch that’s easy to access, we have just what you need.

Their LR800, SN1000, and CL316 latches are all designed to provide secure access without the hassle of a key. They’re also effortless to install, making them the perfect solution for various applications.

LR800 kid fishing dusk, LR800 non locking latch

The LR800 is ideal for live wells and bait wells. Twist the ring to open and close. Solid detent provides firm actuation. The arrow shows the direction cam is pointed.

SN 1000 non locking latch

The top strength and water-tight SN1000 is a non-locking latch ideal for storage compartment hatches and doors. It features a comfortable open-handle grip that is easy to use, even when wearing gloves. When not in use, the handle lies flush with the body. The SN1000 is made of engineered plastic composites and stainless steel materials.

CL316 SS D handle Compression latch with engineering drawing non locking latch

The CL316 boat stainless steel water-tight compression latch is polished to a mirror finish and designed for vertical surfaces (not water-tight on horizontal surfaces). Designed to withstand heavy use on hatches such as live wells. 


  • Non-locking: These latches don’t require a key, making them easy to access for anyone who needs to get into the compartment
  • Easy to install: The latches are designed to be installed quickly and easily.
  • Durable construction: The latches are made from high-quality materials built to last.
  • Variety of sizes and styles: We offer a variety of sizes and types of latches to fit your specific needs.


  • Convenience: The non-locking design makes it easy to get in and out without fumbling with a key.
  • Versatility: The latches can be used in various applications, from compartments, bikes, motorcycles, and cabinets to gates.
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To learn more about Sarasota Quality Product’s non-locking, easy-access latches, visit our website, fill out our contact form, or call us today!

We are a leading manufacturer of high-quality latches and locks. Based in Westlake, Ohio, we are fully committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and service.

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