The LR800 Latching Lift Ring, a Sarasota Quality Products Exclusive!

The LR800 Latching Lift Ring, exclusively by Sarasota Quality Products, a maker of marine and industry hardware since 1983. Ideal for live wells, bait wells and other non-security applications. Simply twist the ring to open and close. Solid detent provides firm actuation. Arrow shows direction cam is pointed. Lies flush to hatch lid, which eliminates … Read more

Stainless Steel Boat Locks for 2.5″ Mounting Holes

Stainless steel component boat locks for 2.5″ mounting holes, get them here! These have been a staple in the Sarasota Quality Products marine hardware line for years.   Sarasota Quality Product’s SL 1000 Lock Latch. Dependable, high quality always in stock. Dealers: Eliminate angry customer service calls! The SL 1000 is a dual function lock … Read more

Speed Up Launch Procedures With The Key Captain Nitro Boat Option

Speed up boat launch procedures with the Key Captain, Sarasota, our remote locking & control system. The Nitro Z Series from Tracker Marine has quickly become the most talked-about boat on the market. Groundbreaking technology is the reason, and nothing is more groundbreaking than the new remote locking system called The Key Captain. The Key … Read more

Keep Your Valuables Safe with a Remote Boat Locking System

Is your boat less than 26 feet? Does it have outboard motor power and rest on a trailer? If you said yes, beware – you could be a target for theft. A newly released study that looked at five years of BoatUS Marine Insurance claims files shows that 75 percent of all boats stolen matched … Read more

Introducing Our Newest Stainless Steel Compression Lock & Latch

Looking for a Stainless Steel Boat Lock and Latch? Then you are looking for our latest 2 inch compression lock and latch which are watertight, so liquid won’t get in. Polished stainless steel, with a mirror finish, gives it an updated look. It also makes it more durable. CL318SS was designed specifically for those heavily … Read more

Turn On Deck or Cabin Lights With One-Click

Remote Boat Locking System Lighting Feature What’s worse than returning to your boat at night and having to fumble around to turn on the lights? In the process, you probably stepped on something and broke it. This is a common complaint among boaters and especially professional fishermen. That’s where the Key Captain remote boat locking … Read more

Learn Why Edwin Evers and Shaw Grigsby Love The Key Captain

Remote locking and control systems for boats have arrived. Groundbreaking technology is the reason for the the new remote boat locking and control system called The Key Captain (also called Sarasota Electric Lid Latches custom option).  The Key Captain custom option provides anglers with a level of convenience and security that has only been dreamed about … Read more

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