Prevention Techniques to Keep Your Boat Secure

Last week we fielded a call from a person whose fishing boat was broken into, and all the equipment was stolen. The boat hatches were locked, but the latches were broken. The customer said he filed an insurance claim for $8,000! That got us thinking, and we started to investigate how much an average angler … Read more

Speed Up Launch Procedures With The Key Captain Nitro Boat Option

Speed up boat launch procedures with the Key Captain, Sarasota, our remote locking & control system. The Nitro Z Series from Tracker Marine has quickly become the most talked-about boat on the market. Groundbreaking technology is the reason, and nothing is more groundbreaking than the new remote locking system called The Key Captain. The Key … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About The Key Captain

The Key Captain offers every angler the convenience of remote-controlled security in the palm of your hand. The one-of-a-kind patented remote control locking system with a key fob will lock and unlock a boat’s storage compartments from up to 100 feet away. It can also control auxiliary functions such as engine trim up and down, … Read more

6 Tips to Making the Most Out of Your Spring Fishing Expeditions

If you are itching to get your boat on the water and catch some bass, there are a few things you should know about before making your spring fishing plans. Bass activity is mainly dependent on water temperature; in other words, you will encounter more movement the warmer the lake or river is this spring. … Read more

Winter Walleye Fishing Tips

  Walleye can generally be found deep within rivers and eddies in the winter, where there is a reduced current. Some of the best places to catch them are near warm water discharges such as power and water treatment facilities. However, walleye slow down their movement tremendously in the winter, conserving their energy for food … Read more

Boating and Fishing with Kids Are Great Activities

No matter where you live, boating and fishing are activities the whole family can enjoy! They are also perfect for social distancing as you can easily share the shoreline or stay comfortably away from other fishing boats. Water is so calming. It’s a great stress reliever, even when the fish aren’t biting,” shared Kelly Kingery, … Read more

2021 Trends for Fishing, Boating, and Safety

While most of us are anxious to put the year 2020 behind us, it has been a stellar year for the fishing industry. More fishing licenses were sold than ever before. More children and women learned how to fish or got better at it. In a year where there wasn’t much to do, fishing became … Read more

10 Great Holiday Gifts for Your Fisherman

Whether your fisherman is near or far, a beginner or experienced angler, buying them that special fishing gift may be challenging. Below are holiday gifts to help keep them on the water longer and in more comfort. Enjoy!   Fishing Lures Set With different lures and baits, look for an easily transportable kit that includes … Read more

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