Prevention Techniques to Keep Your Boat Secure

Last week we fielded a call from a person whose fishing boat was broken into, and all the equipment was stolen. The boat hatches were locked, but the latches were broken. The customer said he filed an insurance claim for $8,000! That got us thinking, and we started to investigate how much an average angler has invested in their equipment.
Based on our research, a rough estimate to replace most fishing gear is close to $6,000! Here’s a breakdown:

EQUIPMENT                                       QUANTITY    COST        TOTAL
Trolling Reels                                                  4            $120            $480
Trolling rods                                                    4            $150            $600
Drifting Rods and Reels                                4             $200          $800
Tackle Bag and Terminal Tackle                  1             $1,200       $1,200
Planner Boards                                                4             $30             $120
Fish Finder                                                        1             $1,000       $1,000
Marine Radio                                                    1             $300          $300
Life Jackets                                                       4             $50             $200
Safety Equipment                                            1              $150          $150
Battery                                                                1              $150         $150
Cooler                                                                 1              $250        $250

What Prevention Techniques Can You Use?

An excellent place to start is examining and replacing the broken or hard-to-use locks and latches on your boat. The SL 1000 lock has stainless steel handle and mechanism, which is light years ahead of most locks.

The Key Captain should be your next step. It comes in a 100% electric system, including a control panel, floating remote, and electric SE 1000 lock latches.

The electric system is capable of:

  1. Locking and Unlocking Compartments remotely from up to 100 feet away
  2. Controlling Engine Trim
  3. Turning Deck and Cabin Lights On and Off
  4. Aerator for Fishing and Turning Bilge Blower On and Off
  5. Auxiliary Button for 12 Volt Attachment

For a complete list of our other eight other things you should do before and while you are on the water, please check out our blog post, How to Secure Your Bass Boat in 8 Easy Steps.

Sarasota Quality Products Can Help Keep Your Boat Secure

With the press of a button, our time-saving remote control system can lock and unlock compartment latches, turn on and off deck and cabin lights, and trim up and down your boat engine while trailering. Call us today at 440-899-9820 to learn more about The Key Captain and our complete catalog of locks and latches.

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