Trolling in Summertime: The Proven Tactic to Catch Bass

When the summer sun is high and the temperatures soar, every angler looks forward to the challenge of catching bass, the prized freshwater fish. If you’ve been looking for a reliable technique to up your game this summer, then trolling might be the solution you’ve been searching for. Let’s dive into why trolling is a proven summertime tactic.

1. Cover More Ground

One of the most significant advantages of trolling is covering vast water areas. During the summertime, bass can be scattered. They might lurk in deep structures, suspended in open water, or hide near weed lines. Trolling allows you to swiftly locate and target these diverse habitats, increasing your chances of a catch.

 2. Locate Active Bass

In the heat of summer, bass often become lethargic during the day. By trolling, you can rapidly pass through numerous potential spots and pinpoint locations where bass are actively feeding. When you find an area with active bass, you can switch to casting or another technique to further exploit that spot.

3. Target Different Depths with Ease

Trolling lets you control the depth of your lures effectively. Using lead core lines, downriggers, or dive planes, you can keep your bait in the optimal strike zone. This control becomes vital during summer when bass might be holding at various depths.

4. Perfect for Beginners and Veterans

Trolling is an excellent tactic for both beginners and seasoned anglers. For beginners, it simplifies the process of finding fish. For the veterans, it provides a systematic approach to quickly cover vast water bodies and locate active fish.

5. Lure Versatility

The trolling technique is compatible with various lures like crankbaits, spinnerbaits, and soft plastics rigged on weighted jig heads. This versatility ensures you can mimic different prey items, from small baitfish to crayfish, increasing your chances of enticing a bite.

6. Efficiently Target Transition Areas

Bass frequently moves between deep and shallow waters during the summer, depending on the time of day and food availability. Trolling effectively targets these transition zones, like drop-offs, channel swings, or areas where weed beds meet open water.


With its multifaceted approach, trolling is one of the most effective tactics for catching bass in the summertime. Combining the ability to cover vast areas, target different depths, and experiment with multiple lures gives anglers a strategic edge. So, the next time you’re out on the water this summer, consider trolling as your primary approach and watch the bass bite!

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