LR400 Plastic Lift


Low profile 3-finger hatch pulls with an extra-wide, easy-to-grasp opening for improve grip.

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Available Stock Colors

Black, Stone, Gray, Platinum, Magnolia, Smoke, Sea Foam, Oyster Bay, Tan,  and White.

We can color-match any carpet or interior.

We are the originator of the low-profile 3-finger hatch pulls. They provide an extra-wide, easy-to-grasp opening for a three-finger grip. Easy grasp design makes it ideal for any marine live well, hatch or compartment. Perfect for bass boats, deep-water hulls, or family runabouts.

The low-profile design includes counter-sunk fastener openings and low-rounded edges. Features that eliminate line snags and trip hazards.

Our pull is constructed of rigid engineered polycarbonate plastic that resists corrosion, freezing, and harsh marine environments. Impact resistant to take onboard abuse. Don’t be fooled by polypropylene imitations that claim to be as solid or durable. Compare our finish and construction, and we are sure you will notice the difference.

If you have any questions, please call us at 440-899-9820.