LR401-H Plastic Lift (FITS IN 3-1/4 INCH LONG BY 2-3/16 INCH WIDE OBLONG HOLE)


An extra-wide opening, large enough for four fingers.

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Available stock colors: Black

We can color match any carpet or interior.

The LR401-H Large Plastic Lift offers an extra-wide opening, large enough for four fingers. The low-profile design features a curved, easy to grasp opening with rounded edges for comfort and strength. The new LR401-H Plastic Lift combines contemporary design with the flexibility of four counter sunk mounting holes. Mounting holes allow the lift to be installed into material of any thickness while exhibiting the latest look in flush plastic lifts.

Our LR401-H Plastic Lift is constructed of tough engineered polycarbonate plastic. Strong and durable, it resists corrosion, freezing, and harsh marine environments. It is impact resistant to handle tough onboard abuse. The design and strength of the LR401-H Plastic Lift makes it an excellent choice for opening live wells, hatches or storage compartments.

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