Why Winterize Your Boat?

You’ve taken your boat out of the water and put it away in your storage unit or garage. That’s the first step in ensuring it is ready for fishing next spring.

But do you have to winterize it? Experts state that the answer is yes if the air temperature drops below 32 degrees.

This blog post will take you through the reasoning behind winterization and the steps necessary to complete it.

The Rationalization for Winterization

The longer your boat sits without being used, the more likely it will have problems. Gasoline breaks down over time, turning gummy and think. The engine oil settles to the bottom of the engine, leaving the pistons and heads exposed to air.

As winter temperatures rise and fall, water droplets condense from the air and coat your engine. It will start to rust within a month.

This water vapor can damage the internal workings of your engine as well. This will leave you with a damaged engine in which many parts will need to be replaced, and perhaps the entire engine.

Rubber hoses will split.

Lastly, your battery will probably not survive the elements.

Checklist for Winterization

  • Winterize your boat now before temperatures consistently dip below freezing. If you can’t do it yourself, schedule a mechanic NOW.
  • If you hire a professional, be prepared to spend between $500-1,700 depending on where you live, the size of your boat, and the type of engine you have.
  • If you do the winterization, the cost drops to $200-575.
  • If you can’t winterize it before freezing, put a 250-watt incandescent light bulb in the engine department. This is only a temporary solution.
  • Fully charge your battery, take it out of the boat, and store it inside.
  • Most winterization requires shrink-wrapping the engine and storing your boat in a heated boat garage.
  • If you are storing your boat inside, use our Splashback Prep and Shine Paint and Gelcoat Restorer. Here’s a brief video on this product.

  • However, if you opt for outside storage, take the engine off the boat and winterize, shrink wrap, and store it inside where the facility will not go below freezing.
  • Put a waterproof, tightfitting cover on your boat to keep it from the harshness of the winter elements if it will remain outside all winter long.

Final Thought

“Winterizing is an essential mandatory action you need to do. When properly winterized, your vessel will be easier to start and get you on the water faster in the spring,” sounds Jim Schilens, President of Sarasota Quality Products.

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