6 Tips to Making the Most Out of Your Spring Fishing Expeditions

If you are itching to get your boat on the water and catch some bass, there are a few things you should know about before making your spring fishing plans. Bass activity is mainly dependent on water temperature; in other words, you will encounter more movement the warmer the lake or river is this spring.

Bass Spring Habits

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As we move out of winter, the bass starts to feed heavily on protein-heavy foods, like crawfish, before the spawning season. Once they have laid their eggs, the female bass won’t eat at all for 10-14 days, as their number one duty is to protect their eggs. They also become overly aggressive if predators appear, and that includes you. They will fight hard in the water, and if you happen to reel one in, they will fight harder than usual once on the boat.

When the water temperature reaches between 55-65 degrees Fahrenheit, this is when most bass spawn.

If the water is clear, bass will go deep for shelter and protection of their eggs. If the waterway is murky or muddy, they are likely to stay closer to the surface.

Spring Fishing, Bass Biting Tips


  1. The best spring live baits are crawfish and minnows.
  2. Pick lures with lots of appendages and movement.
    Crankbaits, spinnerbaits, and jerk baits are all great options.
  3. Remember, it will be much tougher to get them into the boat because there are either hunting or protecting their eggs.
    Check your line weight and the flexibility of your rod before going out. You might want to bring a spare rod if this is your first time out spring fishing.
  4. Because the weather can turn on a dime, be sure to pack the proper clothing to keep you warm and dry.
  5. Sight fishing isn’t necessary.
    This is the perfect season for trying different depths, places, and lures. Many anglers only go out on sunny days when the waters are clear, and the sun is shining. However, the pros have found success in all weather conditions and at different depths. The key is patience and trial and error.
  6. Pick out areas with large rocks, tree trunks, or aquatic life because the bass is most likely feeding there before spawning.


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