The Essentials of Every Angler’s Man Cave or She Shed

Even though spring is just around the corner, we are still in for several weeks of cold, rainy (or snowy) days and nights. So this is the perfect time to identify (if you haven’t already) your man cave space where you can get psyched up and ready for this year’s fishing season.

First things first, you need to identify and claim your space. Will it be in the garage, basement, or a spare bedroom?

Second, you must spend at least a week or two cleaning and organizing the space. Toss out or give away items that are not needed. Put together a list of your must-have and nice-to-have items. If your birthday or anniversary is coming up, perhaps you ask for an item from the list.

Third, evaluate the purpose. For example, will this be an area where you’ll spend a lot of alone time or one where you will have friends and family over?

Listed below are seven key things to consider buying or doing for your Man Cave or She Shed.



Do you want the area to be dark, neutral, or bright?


If it’s just you, at a minimum, you’ll need a comfy chair, decent-sized TV to watch your fishing shows, and an area to do your projects. However, if you plan to have friends over, you’ll need a seating area for others, large TV, and games.


Do you need a long bar with bar stools or just a bar cart?


Are you going here for R&R (low lighting), making your lures, or repairing fishing equipment (bright lighting)?


Are you going to be watching a lot of TV here? With others or alone? You will need a large TV with a surround sound system if it’s with others.

An Arcade game

This nostalgic item is a great thing to play alone or with friends.

Wall Décor

If you won a fishing tournament, be sure to display your award or picture of the big fish you caught with pride. If you have a fish mount, put that up too.

Focus on DIY projects

Here is a list of all the things you can do in your man cave or she shed before the season begins –

  • Go through your rods, reels, tackle box, and other supplies.
    Throw out or fix broken items. If you don’t have shelving units or a place to hold your rods, this is a perfect time to put them in place.
  • Make some homemade fishing lures.
  • Put all the fishing shows you want to watch on your phone calendar with a timer to remind you to watch them.
  • Figure out what fishing tournaments you will enter and make the logistical arrangements now.
    Many tournaments will finally take place in 2022 – figure out which ones are for you.
  • Buy The Key Captain.
    Even though your boat might be in your garage or storage, we can talk you through the best Key Captain for your vessel and send the instructions for installation.

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