How to Fish for Bass in the Fall

The days are shorter and colder. However, there will still be days full of sunshine where you are just itching to get your boat in the water one more time.

It turns out autumn is still a good time to bass fish. Here are the five most common questions about it, as it’s different than spring or summer fishing.


Is fall a good time to bass fish?

Yes, however, you have to think like a fish to be the most successful. First, remember they are feeding all the time, filling up their bellies for a long winter. Second, they are continually moving, so you have to as well.


How do you fish for bass in the fall?

Use spinnerbaits, crankbaits, and top-water baits.  Vibrating, rattling lures like a crankbait are productive when water temperatures are falling. Spinnerbaits work well in the wind. Top-water baits work when you are fishing along the shoreline without a boat.

For more the lures, check out this YouTube video.

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What do bass feed on in the fall?


They feed on anything that resembles a shad or shiner.


Where do bass go in the fall?

Boat docks can also be a great place to target bass this time of year. Look for wood docks, on which algae grows below the waterline. Other areas include coves, bays, and creek arms. But remember, they are continually moving, so you must do so as well.

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What is the best tip?

Autumn is a time when patience wins out. You will have to try several baits. What works one day might not work the next. Be ready to fish fast, and by all means, please be versatile!


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