Watertight Locks & Latches For 2.5″ Mounting Holes

The watertight SL1000SS  stainless steel lock latch (and its sister non-locking latch, the SN1000SS), along with the SE1000SS electric locking latch, used with the Key Captain boat remote locking and control system, is a dual-function lock latch good for all boat hatch applications.

The open-end grip is excellent for storage compartment hatches and doors. When not in use, the handle snaps into place over the keyway and lies flush with the surface of the lock. The SL 1000SS is made of high-quality engineered plastic composites and stainless steel materials.

SL1000SS and available cams

The SL1000SS lock latch features:

  • Black plastic body
  • Surface mounted
  • Stainless steel operating handle arm
  • Positive open and closed feel on detent positioned operating handle
  • Lock with 2 double-bitted keys
  • The shuttered keyway and rubber seal offer additional protection from the elements.
  • For smooth, upholstered or carpeted surfaces
  • Installs into a 2-1/2” mounting hole
  • For mounting surfaces 1/8” to 3/4” thick
  • Straight and offset cams available
  • Lock and cam rotate 180°

The SL1000 lock latch is the same without the stainless steel stem.

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