Everything You Need to Know About The Key Captain

The Key Captain offers every angler the convenience of remote-controlled security in the palm of your hand.

The one-of-a-kind patented remote control locking system with a key fob will lock and unlock a boat’s storage compartments from up to 100 feet away. It can also control auxiliary functions such as engine trim up and down, boat lighting, and live wells.

What Else Can the Key Captain Do?

Remote Lighting

Trim Up and Down

Who Needs The Key Captain?

Any angler who has to leave their boat for a while wants the convenience of remote locks, lighting, and trim. We offer many installment options, including DIY, sending The Key Captain to your dealership, or OEM distributor.

How Can You Order One?

If You Need Someone To Walk You Through The Options, call us at 1-440-899-9820. Or let us know if you’d like to have it installed on a new boat or retrofitted onto your boat through a dealer near you.


The Key Captain™ Remote Locking System alleviates the hassle of launch preparation for most fishing boats. The total time saving remote control system features the ability to operate the following functions from outside the boat:

  • Lock and Unlock Compartment Latches
  • Trim Engine Up and Down when on the trailer
  • Turn Deck or Cabin Lights On and off
  • Turn Blower or Live Well or Auxiliary on and off

We are proud of our patented system, and as a USA company, we are even more proud to recognize and serve all the fishermen in North America!

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