The Perfect Holiday Option for the Hard-to-Buy for Fisherman

Key Captain Key Fobs Sarasota Quality ProductsFisherman, Key Captain wiring by Sarasota Quality Products

The Convenience of a One-Click Boat Security in the Palm of Your Fisherman

The Key Captain is a fishing boat owner’s dream! Our patented remote control Key Fob locks and unlocks a boat’s storage compartments from 50-100 feet away.

It also controls all engine trailer trim up and down with hydraulic control,  boat lighting, and live wells.


Three Benefits of the Key Captain for Your Fisherman

  1. Convenience
    The ability to unlock the compartments when your fisherman is on the water and lock them at the end of the day with one touch of the Key Fob saves them valuable time. And once they are out on the water with open compartments, they remain unlocked until your angler hits the fab to lock them up again.
  2. Theft prevention.
    Fishing tackle burglaries do happen. With over ten compartments in most bass or walleye boats, just forgetting to lock one or two can result in losing someone’s winning lures, poles, or reels.
  3. Easy to install.
    Our locks fit into all standard boat lock openings. Please review this brief video from the pro angler, Joe Okada, about the installation process.

If your fisherman is a DIYer, they will find the instructions easy to follow. Not a DIYer, or you’d like to surprise them with an installation on their new boat or retrofitted to their existing one? No problem! Let us know if you’d like to have it installed on a new boat or retrofitted onto your boat through a dealer near you.

The Key Captain Consists of Three Main Components


Control Panel: Our unique coding technique protects against unwanted radio interference. It’s permanently sealed and tamperproof.

Key Fob: It’s waterproof, and it floats – making it easy to find if dropped in the water. Two types of remotes are available – a floating Pawl and an automotive-style one.

Electronic Lock Latch: It has a contemporary look with multiple cam choices.


Make it a Key Captain Christmas with Our Special Offering

To order The Key Captain electronic locking system for your fisherman’s boat, contact us at 440-899-9820 from 9 am to 5 pm EST, Monday through Friday. Or order online at

We offer FREE ground shipping for all orders placed before Wednesday, December 18, 2019. Don’t delay, order The Key Captain today for your fisherman!

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