Five Accessories That Belong on Every Bass Boat

When adding items to your bass boat or fishing collection, you can become consumed with new lures, lines, rods, reels, and electronics. However, there are a few underrated necessities that help out during pivotal times.

Save time with these bass boat must haves

Rod Sleeves

The days of fighting with tangled rods in the back of your truck are officially over. Effortlessly slide the rod out, slip the cover off and fire a cast in a matter of seconds to score a couple of extra keepers is a fantastic option.

Lure Retriever

A small, compact, efficient lure retriever – or “plug knocker” – pays for itself the very first time you use it. Snap it onto your line and watch it zip down into the water to knock your plug free, usually on the first drop.

Tool Holder

Keep pliers, side cutters, braid scissors, markers, dyes, and glue in a tool holder to get to all essential tools quickly and efficiently.

Be sure to customize your tool station and find one that securely fastens to your craft.

Glass Cleaner

There is so much glass in a boat, from big-screen electronics to phones to sunglasses. A combination of water, sweat, sunscreen, and road grit always seem to find a way to these devices, leaving behind spots and grime that distort visibility.

Glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth can give you a whole new perspective on your fishing day.

The Key Captain

Key Captain Electronic Locking System for boats and recreational vehicles

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PS – Here is a list of 45 additional items, if you want to splurge!

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