Introducing Our Newest Stainless Steel Compression Lock & Latch

Stainless Steel Water Tight Compression Lock CL316SS 2' boat stainless steel water tight compression latch

Looking for a Stainless Steel Boat Lock and Latch?

Then you are looking for our latest 2 inch compression lock and latch which are watertight, so liquid won’t get in. Polished stainless steel, with a mirror finish, gives it an updated look. It also makes it more durable. CL318SS was designed specifically for those heavily used hatches.

An exclusive feature of this product is the adjustable cam with set screw that saves you production time unlike bulky dual lock nuts.

It’s also easy to use. The lift handle operates compression motion of cam. Pull up to allow handle to seat in vertical position and cam shaft extends down to ease tension on the cam and framework. Push handle down to seat flush and horizontal in housing and the cam shaft pulls upward to tightly position the cam against the framework.


  • Surface Flange Outside Diameter: 2.40″
  • Drilling Hole: 2″ and is secured from backside with 2 S.S. screws
  • Smallest Install Thickness: 1/4″minimum to maximum 3/4″
  • Mirror Polished
  • Stainless Steel Solid Cast Marine Boat Compression Latch

Do you have questions about either CL316SS or CL318SS or need OEM pricing? Give us a call at  (440) 899-9820 or email us at [email protected].

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