Turn On Deck or Cabin Lights With One-Click

Remote Boat Locking System Lighting Feature

What’s worse than returning to your boat at night and fumbling around to turn on the lights?

In the process, you probably stepped on something and broke it. This is a common complaint among boaters and especially professional fishermen.

That’s where the Key Captain remote boat locking system for your boat’s storage compartments comes in. Not only does it offer the convenience to lock your boat with one-click, but it also allows you to do the same with your deck or cabin lights.

Think about it.

If you have 8,10, 12 or even more compartments, it becomes increasing more beneficial to you to lock them all at once, providing a sense security.

Tamper-Proof Control Panel

The system’s control panel is a permanently sealed and tamper-proof unit with a coding technique that protect it from unwanted interference. The transmitters are designed for marine use. Additional transmitters are available that can be added and programmed by the user. The system’s unique sleep mode results in low power energy saving operation, which saves battery life.

The Key Captain Customizable System can also control the engine trim up and down with the touch of a button. You can use another button to turn on and off the boat lights, radio, bilge blower, and air conditioning from up to 300 feet away, before you board. This ensures that your boat will be cool on a hot day and the cabin lights on at night when you return to it.

Recommended by Top Professional Fishermen

Many pro bass fishermen have used the Key Captain system on their boats for convenience and security.

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